Reds Engineering Steel Fabrication Services: How CNC Machining Revolutionised Steel Fabrication

24 July 2023

Explore Reds Engineering’s CNC machining revolution in steel fabrication. Experience cutting-edge steel fabrication services. Discover the future!

Computer numerical control or CNC machining plays a key role in steel fabrication as it has evolved its manufacturing process and has enhanced productivity, precision, and efficiency.

Industries like construction, manufacturing, automotive, and infrastructure mainly rely on steel fabrication to create steel structures or components by cutting, shaping, and assembling various types of steel materials. Steel fabrication typically involves transforming raw steel into usable parts or finished products.

However, the process of steel fabrication used to take a lot of time as manufacturers before could only maximise traditional tools and techniques. And so, the continuous growth of CNC machining has enticed more and more manufacturers to integrate it into steel fabrication. Here are some ways CNC machining revolutionised steel fabrication.

Precise Cutting

CNC machining has revolutionised steel fabrication by allowing precise cutting and shaping of steel components. The machines used for CNC machining can be programmed with specific dimensions and design specifications, which enables them to cut steel with exceptional accuracy. The precision of these machines helps fabricate intricate and complex steel parts that require tight tolerances. Some steel products that can be produced by CNC machining are gears, brackets, and structural components.

Versatile Machining

Steel fabrication can be carried out using a wide range of tools and techniques. CNC machines, fortunately, can be integrated with various tools and machining techniques to effectively carry out milling, drilling, turning, threading, tapping, and other steel fabrication operations. The versatility of CNC machining enables manufacturers to create various steel components, from simple to highly complex geometries. CNC machining also allows manufacturers to generate parts and products with varying shapes, sizes, and surface finishes.

Boosted Efficiency

CNC machining does not only provide precise cutting and versatile machining, but it can also boost the efficiency and productivity of steel fabrication processes. Once the program is set up through software, CNC machines can work autonomously and continuously, which reduces the need for manual intervention. The automation of the CNC machines can speed up production, minimise human errors, and allows for round-the-clock operation. These benefits result in higher output and reduced lead times for steel fabrication projects.

Ensured Consistency

Steel fabrication has also been revolutionised by CNC machining by ensuring consistent results across multiple production runs. The computer-controlled mechanics of CNC machines guarantee that each steel component will be produced precisely based on the programmed specifications. Despite carrying out multiple production runs, these machines can generate the same products without any issues. This level of consistency makes CNC machining advantageous to many industries, ensuring seamless assembly and compatibility.

Low Material Waste

Manual machining operations can generate parts that can already be useful to many industries. They can, however, generate a lot of material waste. As more materials are wasted, the number of resources required to fabricate steel products may increase, making the whole process more expensive. CNC machining, alternatively, optimises material usage by reducing scrap and material costs. To achieve this feat, the machines used for CNC machining are integrated with sensors and probes to detect and compensate for any material irregularities or variations.

CNC machining plays a pivotal role in steel fabrication by enabling precise cutting, versatile machining operations, increased efficiency, and productivity. It can also reduce material waste. By integrating with CAD/CAM software and incorporating quality control measures, CNC machining can conveniently guarantee accurate and consistent results.

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