General Engineering

Reds Engineering’s experience in the field, as well as the abundance of modern CNC equipment, machines, and tools, allow us to carry out services related to many aspects of general engineering. Through implementing a wide range of engineering disciplines, we can easily design and test products, conduct research and development, perform quality control, and oversee manufacturing processes. We can then perform basic engineering services to a wide array of materials and cut them into the clients’ desired final shapes and sizes.

At Reds Engineering, we understand that the field of general engineering is highly interdisciplinary and requires a broad range of skills and knowledge. General engineers may work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, transportation, energy, and telecommunications.

Some industries we can cater to include food, rail transport, packing, aluminium, mechanical design and drafting, general machining, etc.

Contact us for more information regarding our general engineering services. We welcome all enquiries and we will be glad to assist you!